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Digitalising the chemical industry
With immersive technology

We integrate the use of VR and AR software that enhance knowledge and skill transfer within chemical industries


CHENEXT Technologies is a software company that develops high-quality extended reality (XR) solutions – which include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – for companies in the chemical industry sector. Our XR software packages provide an efficient and cost-effective way to visualise, simulate and optimise process operator training and plant design communication. These applications are tailored to enhance the way chemical professionals learn and connect with each other by embracing three core aspects of XR immersive technology: virtual safety, spatial visualisation and remote collaboration.

CHENEXT Technologies

Train safe, train virtual

In the chemical industry, more than 80% of accidents are related to human failure. Maintenance and startup/shutdown procedures are the most vulnerable to make mistakes since these do not happen often. Insufficient and inadequate personnel training are often the main causes for industrial accidents.

With our VR training solutions, process operators and maintenance contractors can train unusual and dangerous situations in a safe virtual environment without harming themselves or others. Trainees can practice scenarios multiple times in order to gain more work experience without going to the real chemical plant. Especially, new employees are trained to sufficient competence much quicker than the traditional on-the-job method.

Stop Imagining Things, Start Visualising It

Process operators and engineers often face the challenge of dealing with the complex nature of chemical processes and advanced equipment. In order to perform successful industrial operations, they have to understand every detail of the chemical plant. However, complicated 2D drawings and diagrams are often used to describe and imagine enormous plant installations.

We develop XR software tools that help chemical professionals to easily visualise and interact with their industrial assets and processes in 3D. Advanced built-in interactions and instructional feedback facilitate the learning process and improve communication with other professionals. Using 3D models of chemical plant installations, it is possible to walk inside the simulated environment and train process operators even before the real plant is constructed.

CHENEXT Technologies

Connect Anywhere, Collaborate Everywhere

The current practice requires professionals to physically visit chemical plants for inspections, troubleshooting, and training. This traditional approach consumes significant time, resources, and can be hazardous due to potential exposure to chemicals and other safety risks.

Our XR software applications include multi-user functionalities that allow chemical professionals to connect with each other remotely from anywhere in the world to collaborate seamlessly in the same virtual process plant environment. This brings the valuable advantage that people are not required to be present on-site anymore, thus, reducing large travel costs, avoiding operational delays, retaining strong safety and encouraging collaboration.


At CHENEXT Technologies, we focus on continuous and exclusive support for the chemical industry. In this way, we guarantee that VR and AR tools are engineered with high-end quality that specifically satisfy the needs of our industrial clients.

With our excellence and expertise in both chemical engineering, XR immersive technology and instructional design, we aim to provide effective communication and premium service to our chemical clients. 

Our vision at CHENEXT Technologies is to become the first choice for chemical companies seeking to accelerate the digitalisation of their industry using innovative XR immersive technologies. We envision a future where every chemical professional can make daily use of our VR and AR solutions to make work procedures and life-long learning safer, more efficient and easier to learn.

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